Darling Toj VIP-Persona

Darling Toj Lavr Vor V Zakone - Darling Toj Ot'Rada

Imported from Russia

Tassu came to us as an "outcome" of the WW 2016 show in Russia. I saw her father, Darling Toj Lavr Vor V Zakone in the show and I was completely sold. It was a fantastic male with right size, type, face, ears, coat, movement, temperament... I felt I just had to get a puppy after him.

I was extremely happy when Tassu's breeder Tatyana Gorkunova agreed to sell me this girl, which was originally supposed to stay at home with the breeder. I am very grateful for the trust and I hope this girl will have a wonderful future in FInland!

Tassu is the most wonderful companion at home, she is calm, friendly and generally a very easy dog. She is a very beautiful and typical russian toy with lovely head, perfect bite, beautiful fringes and strong, deep body.

Unfortunately she suffered a leg injury which did not completely heal, and because of that, she can not be shown. But she will stay as a pet with us and I really hope to be able to use her for breeding one day.