JCH Russia, 2-JCH of Club, RKF & RUS & FIN & NO & S CH, Vice Ch World -11 Snou Mirekl Avtoritet x Snou Mirekl Garmoniya Dushi

Tsarskaya Pechat Biensi Elita La Roshe


Imported from Russia

Russian Toy of The Year 2014 & 2015 & 2016

Speciality Best Of Breed 2014 & 2015 & 2016

Russian Toy Open Show Best Of Breed & BIS-2 2014

Knees: 0/0

Eyes: clear


Top comments:

"Outstanding. A dog that is a pleasure to judge"

Jouko Leiviskä, SKKY Specialty 2015

We have imported this lovely girl from Russia. I fell in love with her father Snou Mirekl Avtoritet when I saw him in a show in Kajaani. I thought he was almost the epitome of the breed. Immediately I started asking for a puppy after him from his breeder Nadezda Misheneva from Murmansk. In the spring they finally had a litter of two girl puppies in another kennel in Murmansk, Tharskaya Pechat, in which the father was Snou Mirekl Avtoritet and the mother Snou Mirekl Garmoniya Dushi. So I reserved a girl from that litter as soon as possible and as the girl developed, she got more and more beautiful.

Today Rosa is an impressive girl with very correct structure. She is square and she has the most wonderful angulation, topline and head. I like this girl more and more as she develops. She has a super energetic, happy and active character, she also likes to be the boss around the house and she is not afraid to put the boys into place.

Rosa was not shown as a youngster, but when we finally started to show her, she became pretty unbeatable in Finland. She has been BOB in Russian Toy Specialty 2014, 2015 and 2016, BOB&BIS-2 in Russian Toy Open Show 2014, BOB in the Winner show 2014 & 2015 and Russian Toy of The Year 2014 & 2015 & 2016!!

Top results

Shows 2013
  • Mikkeli all-breeds show 6.7.2013, judge Marja Kurittu, BOS, CAC
  • Russian Toy Open Show 14.9.2013, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, BF-2, BOS-junior
Shows 2014
  • Helsinki, UMT group show 8.6.2014, judge Adam Ostrowski, BOB, CAC
  • Mäntsälä all-breeds show 19.7.2014, judge Marja Salminen, BOB, CAC, Finnish Champion!
  • Kuopio INT 3.8.2014, judge Paolo Dondina, BOS
  • World Winner Helsinki 8.-10.8.2014, judge Eugeny Kuplyaskas, Russia, EXC, 4th in open class
  • Heinola all-breeds show 24.8.2014, judge Zlatko Jojkic, BOS
  • Tervakoski INT 30.-31.8.2014, judge Tapio Eerola, BOB
  • Helsinki Finnish Toydog Specialty / Russian Toy Specialty 31.8.2014, judge Irina Poletaeva, BOB
  • Högbo INT Sweden, 6.-7.9.2014, judge Maria Dekaristou, BOS, CAC, Swedish Champion!
  • Russian Toy Open Show, Lahti 21.9.2014, judge Marja Kurittu, BOB, BIS-2!!
  • Helsinki Winner Show, Helsinki 6.12.2014, judge Leni Finne, 1st in champion class, BF-2
  • Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki 7.12.2014, judge Viktor Pilikin, BOB, Finnish Winner 2014
Shows 2015
  • Lahti INT 21.-22.3.2015, judge Vicki Schneider, BOB
  • Varkaus INT 16.-17.5.2015, judge Yvonne Cannon, BOB
  • Mänttä-Vilppula all-breeds show 31.5.2015, judge Soile Bister, BOB
  • Helsinki INT 24.-26.7.2015, judge Kari Järvinen, BOB
  • Kotka INT 15.-16.8.2015, judge Ekaterina Senashenko, BOB
  • Helsinki SKKY Specialty / Russian Toy Specialty 30.8.2015, judge Jouko Leiviskä, BOB
  • European Winner 2015, Lillestrom, Norway 4.-6.9.2015, judge Eugeny Yerusalimsky, EXC, 3rd in champion class
  • Jyväskylä INT 21.11.2015, judge Kirsi Nieminen, BOB
  • Helsinki Winner Show, Helsinki 5.12.2015, judge Jussi Liimatainen, BOB, Helsinki Winner 2015
  • Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki 6.12.2015, judge Benny Blid Von Schedvin, BOB, Finnish Winner 2015

Shows 2016

  • Hamina INT 21.5.2016, judge Boris Spoljaric, BOB
  • Helsinki INT 22.5.2016, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, BOB
  • Joensuu INT 28.5.2016, judge Tomasz Borkowski, BOS
  • SKKY Specialty 21.8.2016, judge Svend Lövenkjaer, BOB
  • Seinäjoki INT 23.10.2016, judge Leni Finne, BOB
  • Danish Winner Show, Herning 5.11.2016, judge Hans Boelaars, BB-2, res-CAC
  • Nordic Winner Show, Herning 6.11.2016, judge Bo Skalin, BB-2, res-CAC
  • Jyväskylä INT 12.11.2016, judge Celine Bottussi Jocquel, BOB