Laskovaya Rus' Ryabina Kudryavaya

Darling Toj Byvaly Jackpot x Snou Mirekl Intriga Sezon

Imported from Russia

Nika is the daughter of Snou Mirekl Intriga Sezona, the sister of our
star and my favourite girl, Igra. Since we were not able to have
puppies after Igra, we were more than thrilled to get this very
beautiful puppy from Igra's sister Intriga, who is very similar to Igra.

I am so happy for this girl, she has the same character and
confidence, same sense of humour, and also the same kind of wonderful
movement and structure as Igra and Intriga. I hope she will have a great
future in Finland.

I am forever grateful to Yulia Semina for this fantastic puppy!