Echo RT Holy Terror

FI&SE CH FinW-14-15 HeW-15 Tsarskaya Pechat Biensi Elita La Roshe x WW-16, MultiCh Grand Tandem Led I Plamen

Martta is our future hope, on the moment very promising puppy with lots of attitude and temperament - a devil around the house. So there's no better name for her than Holy Terror - that's what she truly is.

Martta started her show career in Westie Club of Finland's Match Show - she was best puppy under Juha Palosaari, and finally BEST IN SHOW under judges Juha Palosaari, Vesa Lehtonen and Maija Mäkinen! After that she competed 5 times in unofficial puppy classes and the record was great; 5x BOB-puppy, 2x group winner, 1x BIS3, 1x group 4th and 1x shortlisted in group.

Top results

Puppy classes

  • Lahti all-breeds puppy show 22.7.2017, judge (breed and group) Paula Tuominen, BOB-puppy, BEST IN GROUP
  • Helsinki all-breeds puppy show 19.8.2017, judge (breed and group) Kitty Sjong, BOB-puppy, BEST IN GROUP -4
  • Helsinki SKKY Specialty (Russian toy official specialty) 27.8.2017, judge Saija Juutilainen, BOB-puppy
  • Vantaa all-breeds puppy show 16.9.2017, judge Jenna Leino, BOB-puppy, shortlisted in group
  • Loviisa all-breeds puppy show 1.10.2017, judge Soile Bister, BOB-puppy, BEST IN GROUP under Soile Bister and BEST IN SHOW -3 under Maija Mäkinen

Official shows

  • Jyväskylä INT 15.10.2017, judge Daniele Poltri, BOB, CAC
  • World Dog Show, Leipzig, Germany 9.-12.11.2017, judge Eugene Yerusalimsky, 1st in junior class, World Junior Winner, BOB-junior

Martta BEST IN SHOW in Westie Club of Finland's match show

Martta BEST IN GROUP in Lahti all-breeds puppy show

Martta BEST IN GROUP under Soile Bister in Loviisa all-breeds puppy show, later BEST IN SHOW 3 under Maija Mäkinen

Martta World Junior Winner and BOB-junior in Leipzig