Echo RT Big Mac

Fin & Se CH FinW-14 FinW-15 HeW-15 Tsarskaya Pechat Biensi Elita La Roshe x

Fi Ch FinW-14 FinJW-14 HeJW-14 HeW-15 Borzhomi Bosch Iz Marialgrada


"Mac" is from Rosa's second litter. I made this litter in hopes that the best qualities of Rosa and Bosch would meet in the same puppy. I am very happy for the result; Mac is a wonderful boy witha a very impressing structure and a lovely character.

Mac has competed in puppy classes with great results.

Show results:

  • Helsinki all-breed puppy show 7.8.2016, judge Harto Stockmari, BOB-puppy
  • SKKY Specialty 21.8.2016, judge Svend Lövenkjaer, BOB-puppy
  • Jyväskylä all-breed puppy show 28.8.2016, judge Juha Putkonen, BOB-puppy, BIG 2 under Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari