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*The first smooth russian toy in Finland that has been placed in groups*

BIG-placed in International and National shows

World Winner 2013 & Junior World Winner 2010

Russian toy puppy of the year 2009

Russian toy of the year 2010

Russian toy of the year 2011 #3

Russian toy of the year 2012 #2

Russian toy of the year 2013 #2

Russian toy of the year 2014 #2

KANAV - Showdog of the year 2012 & 2013

Speciality Best Of Breed 2010 & 2012

Russian Toy Open Show Best of Breed & BIS-2 2011

Russian Toy Open Show BOS 2012 & 2014

BIG and BIS -placed as a puppy


Eyes: Clear

Knees: 0/0


Elmo is our first russian toy, the one it all started from. We bought him just for a pet and a companion, he was the fattest puppy of the litter (he was called Michelin-man) and when all the other puppies came to jump around us, Elmo thought it was too much of an exercise and went to sleep. But as we took him home, I noticed straight away how he wanted to help me with everything and be in the center of all action. He was happy, brave and he had a lot of temperament, and as he got older he also got the Male attitude, now he's the dude of the hood. In shows he's full of himself and at his best he is the show stopper in the rings.

Characterwise Elmo is just wonderful. He is very people-friendly and open, intelligent, a silly joker, a couch potato at home but when it's time for action - he's in it 110%. He is not afraid of anything - he is a fierce watch dog (I mean he would literally defend us with his life), I think he would be brave enough to attack at a bear. And he chased a moose once. He seemed pretty sure he could take the moose down. He has also tried to herd reindeers.. The reindeers were lucky to be behind a fence. Elmo really thinks he is the biggest of all dogs.

Elmo is such a healthy, outgoing dog with a good terrier-like attitude, he has a wonderful strong structure, free movement and a ring appearance to die for.

Elmo's second hobby is agility, he is super fast and a natural tallent there. He likes to play rough and agility offers just the speed and challenge that he enjoys. He also proved to be very clever, obedient and willing to work at the training.

I'm also very proud to say that Elmo is representing the smooth russian toy in a finnish dog book called "Hyvä koira kotiin" (Päivi & Tapani Romppainen / WSOY / published 2010).

The shows

Elmo was very succesful already at young age; as a puppy he was BOB nine times out of ten (once BM-2), he was also Best of Group -3 in a puppy show and Best In Show 2 in SKKY Specialty.

As a puppy he also won the Best Movements in Finnish Russian Toy Association's Open Show, over all of the young, adult, smooth and long-haired rt’s in the show! Quite an achievement for a puppy!

Elmo’s great success didn’t stop at the puppy classes. At the age of ten months, he took his first adult Best of Breed in Turku International All-Breeds Show - and again, was shortlisted in group! After that we entered the Finnish Winner and Nordic Winner Shows, and the results were great; he got the titles of Finnish Winner -09, Finnish Junior Winner -09, Nordic Winner -09 and Nordic Junior Winner -09 - still, only ten months old and in a very tough competition!

In World Dog Show 24.-27.6.-2010 Elmo continued by taking the World Junior Winner -title! He was the first smooth russian toy in Finland to do this.

Finally, Elmo finished shows 2010 with Best of Breed in the Russian Toy Speciality held in the Finnish Toy Dog Association’s Championship Show!

In 2011 Elmo wasn't shown much but to mention a few results; he became Finnish Champion in Hyvinkää and Best of Breed and Best In Show 2 in Finnish Russian Toy Association’s Open Show! Finally he was also BOB in Helsinki Winner.

In summer 2012 Elmo took his first BIG-placement in Rovaniemi INT - he was the first smooth russian toy ever in Finland to get a group placement! After that Elmo started taking consecutive Bests of Breed again and he was also Best of Breed in the Russian Toy Specialty - again. He also took another BIG-4 in Helsinki National show in September!! Elmo became Russian Toy of The Year #2 (by only 1 point difference to the #1)! Elmo also became the Showdog of the year 2012 in our agility association, Kanavan Koirakilta.

2013 was the last active year for Elmo. He was still taking consecutive Bests of Breed, visited Lithuania and got title of Lithuanian Champion with BOB, soon after that he was BIG-4 in Kankaanpää under Tuire Okkola with great compliments. But the most unforgettable moment was, when in the Budapest World Dog Shows he got BOB & BOS, 2x CAC and titles of World Winner and Hungarian Champion!!!

In 2014 we still visited a couple of shows with him, and got the title of Swedish Champion. He was also BOS in Russian Toy Open Show. Unfortunately, after that he lost some teeth and we decided it was time to retire him.

Elmo is now retired. In his career, Elmo took 35 BOB's, titles of Junior World Winner and World Winner, group placements, Specialty BOB's, 8 Winner titles, Champion of 4 countries... He was one of the best.

Here is a criticue from Pia Lundberg that I think sums up Elmo's presence in the ring;

"4-årig championhane. En sund själ i en sund kropp. Han förenar substansen i sitt lilla format och visar sig på tåspetsarna." In English: "4 year old champion male. A healthy soul in a healthy body. He puts substance in a small package and presents himself down to his toes."

Top results

Puppy classes
  • Riihimäki All-Breeds Puppy Show 12.7.-09, judge Karin Bergbom, BOB-puppy
  • Heinola All-Breeds Puppy Show 18.7.-09, judge Walther Holtorf, Germany, BOB-puppy, shortlisted in group
  • Helsinki Eukanuba Puppy Show 24.7.-09, judge Paula Valakari, BOB-puppy
  • Helsinki All-Breeds Puppy Show 9.8.-09, judge Marja Kurittu (breed & group), BOB-puppy, BIG-3
  • Tervakoski International All-Breeeds Show 29.-30.8.-09, judge Tapio Eerola, BOB-puppy
  • Finnish Toy Dog Association’s Championship Show 30.8.-09, judge Evgeny Kuplyauskas, Russia, BOB-puppy, BIS-2 under Kenneth Edh
  • Porvoo National All-Breeds Show 12.-30.9.-09, judge Malgorzata Supronowicz, Poland, BOB-puppy
  • Lahti Russian Toy Open Show 3.10.-09, judge Maija Mäkinen, BM-2, HP, Best Movements In Show
  • Hämeenlinna Group Show 24.10.-09, judge Matti Luoso, BOB-puppy
  • Lahti All-Breeds Puppy Show 25.10.-09, judge Marja Kurittu, BOB-puppy
Shows 2009
  • Turku International All-Breeds Show 28.-29.11.-09, judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Sweden, BOB, CAC, shortlisted in group under Chantal Mery
  • Helsinki INT Finnish Winner Show 12.12.-09, judge Ramune Kazlauskaite, Lithuania, BOS, CAC, FinW-09, FinJW-09
  • Helsinki INT Nordic Winner Show 13.12.-09, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, BOS, CAC, NordW-09, NordJW-09
Shows 2010
  • Lahti International All-Breeds Show 24.-25.4.-10, judge Annukka Paloheimo, BOB, CAC
  • Kangasniemi National All-Breeds Show 13.5.-10, judge Adam Ostrowski, Poland, BOB, CAC
  • Hamina International All-Breeds Show 22.-23.5.-10, judge Anna Brankovic, Serbia, BOB, CAC, CACIB
  • Sukoka Group Show Vantaa 13.6.-10, judge Javier Sanchez, Spain, BOB, CAC
  • World Dog Show Herning, Denmark 24.-27.6.-10, judge Janusz Opara, Poland, World Junior Winner -2010
  • Tervakoski International All-Breeds Show 28.-29.8.-10, judge Sanda Kekez Veselic, BOS, CAC, CACIB
  • Finnish Toy Dog Association’s Championship Show / Russian Toy Speciality, Helsinki 29.8.-10, judge Renee Sporre-Willes, BOB, CAC
Shows 2011
  • Hamina INT 21.-22.5.2011, judge Laurent Pichard, Switzerland, BM-2, res-CAC
  • Kotka INT 18.-19.6.2011, judge Cristian Stefanescu, Romania, BM-2, res-CAC
  • Hyvinkää National All-Breeds Show 9.-10.7.-11, judge Zoran Brankovich, Serbia, BOB, CAC -> Fin CH
  • Finnish Russian Toy Association’s Open Show 20.8.-2011, judge Jussi Liimatainen, BOB, BIS-2
  • Jyväskylä INT 20.11.2011, judge Adam Ostrowski, Poland, BM-2
  • Helsinki INT Helsinki Winner 2011, 3.12.2011, judge Liudmila Nikitina, Russia, BOB, HeW-11
Shows 2012
  • Kajaani INT 14.-15.1.2012, judge Ligita Zake, Latvia, BM-2
  • Lappeenranta INT 8.-9.4.2012, judge Ingrid Borchorst, DK, BOB
  • Kotka INT 16.-17.6.2012, judge Annukka Paloheimo, BM-2
  • Helsinki INT 16.-17.6.2012, judge Elena Agafonova, Russia, BOS
  • Gällivare INT Sweden 30.6.-1.7.2012, judge Elena Ukhabina, Russia, BM-2, res-CAC
  • Rovaniemi INT 30.6.-1.7.2012, judge Jojkic Zlatko, Serbia, BOB, BIG4 under Anna Brankovic
  • Helsinki National All-Breeds Show 11.-12.8.2012, judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden, BOB
  • Kouvola National All-Breeds Show 18.8.2012, judge Marja Kurittu, BOB
  • Heinola National All-Breeds Show 19.8.2012, judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, BOB
  • Finnish Toy Dog Association’s Championship Show / Russian Toy Speciality, Helsinki 26.8.2012, judge Gabriele Runge, Germany, BOB
  • Helsinki Mastery National Show 1.-2.9.2012, judge Pia Lundberg, Sweden, BOB, BIG4 under Istvan Csik
  • Russian Toy Open Show 15.9.2012, judge Pirjo Aaltonen, BOS, Best Head
  • Tuulos group show 7.10.2012, judge Magdalena Swieton, Poland, BOB
  • Helsinki Winner INT 8.12.2012, judge Yana Gavrilova, UK, BOS, HeW-12
  • Finnish Winner INT 9.12.2012, judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, BM-2
Shows 2013
  • Kajaani INT 12.-13.1.2012, judge Marja Kurittu, BOB
  • Turku INT 19.-20.1.2012, judge Andras Polgar, CZ, BOB
  • Lithuanian Winner 2013, 2.3.2013, judge Lyudmila Tchistiakova, Russia, BM-2, CAC
  • Vilnius Cup 2013, 3.3.2013, judge Zeljko Zilnik, Croatia, BOB, LT CH, Lithuanian Club Winner 2013
  • Vaasa INT 13.-14.4.2013, judge Claudio De Giuliani, Italy, BOB
  • Kankaanpää group show (FCI 9) 21.4.2013, judge Rita Reyniers, BOB, BIG-4 under Tuire Okkola
  • Helsinki INT 11.-12.5.2013, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, BOB
  • Budapest Grand Prix Cacib Show 15.5.2013, judge Erika Homonnai, BOB, CAC
  • World Winner Budapest 16.-19.5.2013, judge Alexey Belkin, Russia, BOS, CAC, WORLD WINNER 2013, Hungarian Champion
  • Kuopio INT 25.-26.5.2013, judge Kornelija Butrimova, BOB
  • Orivesi all-breeds show 8.-9.6.2013, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, BOB
  • Mikkeli all-breeds show 6.7.2013, judge Marja Kurittu, BOB
  • Oulu INT 13.7.2013, judge Liliane De Ridder Onghena, BOB
  • Oulu INT 14.7.2013, judge Gabriela Veiga, BOB
  • Turku all-breeds show 3.-4.8.2013, judge Tiina Taulos, BOB
  • Russian Toy Open show 14.9.2013, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, BM-2
Shows 2014
  • Kuopio INT 1.8.2014, judge Hans Lehtinen, BOB
  • Kuopio INT 3.8.2014, judge Paolo Dondina, BOB
  • Heinola all-breeds show 24.8.2014, judge Zlatko Jojkic, BOB
  • Högbo INT Sweden, 6.-7.9.2014, judge Maria Dekaristou, BOB, CAC, Swedish Champion!
  • Russian Toy Open Show, Lahti 21.9.2014, judge Marja Kurittu, BM-1, BOS

Agility top results

  • Nastola 27.7.2013, 0, LUVA, 3.

Celebrating the World Winner & Hungarian Champion

Elmo on the move


Rovaniemi INT, BIG-4


Helsinki Mastery Autumn Show, BIG-4 - © Outi Toni