Snou Mirekl Druzhba iz Rossii

WW-2016, MultiCh Snou Mirekl Maximus x Snou Mirekl Natsiya

Imported from Russia

Eyes: clear

Knees: 0/0

We have imported this girl from Russia.

She is from Igra's sister Natsiya & Nadezda's top male Snou Mirekl Maximus, alignment of some of my favourite dogs in the breed! I hope because of this, she will be an important asset to our breeding.

She has the most wonderful character, she is very affectionate and extremely calm, very intelligent, loves all people and would just love to stop and cuddle with everyone on the street. She has a compact body with excellent proportions, very high legs, nice head and perfect bite.

Thank you Nadezda Misheneva once again for such a wonderful dog!

- And special thanks for giving her such a lovely name, "druzhba iz Rossii" - friendship from Russia -