About us

- A dog's life and a life with dogs -

My name is Tiina Vittaniemi. I was born in Rovaniemi, today we live in Vihti. We have had dogs in our family for my whole life, and I have trained and worked with dogs since I was about 10 years old. The breeds we had at home were rough collie and labrador retriever, later hovawart, old english sheepdog and welsh springer spaniel.

I have studied for an animal attendant, in 2013 I also studied for a groomer in Salpaus. On the moment I work as a professional groomer in Helsinki.

I was about 12 years old when I first got interested in dog shows, and since then it has been my most precious hobby. But the success didn't really start before I got my first sealyham terrier (Six-Pack Spellbinder) in 2002. With her I competed in Junior Handler and she was also one of the most successful sealys ever in Finland.

Then I started studying and after that working, and I had a few quiet years with my dog hobbies. In 2009 I was looking for a nice breed for pet and companion, and we ended up taking our first russian toy, Elmo (Dankeros Lav Roflmao). We also went to try a few shows with him when he was a puppy, he turned out to be quite a star and that's when it all started again. Now I could not imagine a life without dogs & dog shows. I have also trained & competed in agility with my dogs.

I have many reasons to have & breed russian toys. They are small and easy to maintain, they are toy dogs but they still have the terrier attitude in them, they don't need much space and it's easy to take them everywhere, they are very nice & loving companions, they have different personalities and a lot of expressions, they are calm at home and they don't mind spending cold or rainy days inside but they can also easily go for a three-hour forest walk, they all curl up in a pile with you on the sofa, they are clever, agile, fast and active so you can train them for different hobbies, they don't even shed, they are very healthy, they are truly Companions.. What's to improve?

I got my prefix "Echo RT" 2.7.2012. I intend to breed healthy and typical russian toys with happy and open characters.

Our kennel is located in Tervalampi, Vihti. We live in a little wooden house with a huge yard and miles of forest around us. The dogs get to run free every day and all our puppies and adult dogs have learned to love the forest.

Almost all of my russian toys are imports from Russia - I think this way I have had the best possible start to my breeding.

I am very grateful for all the wonderful people I have met, who have given us our dogs or helped us with getting them, who I have had the pleasure to meet in shows and who have made working with this breed extra special!

I am a member of;

SKL-FKK ry / Finnish Kennel Club

SKKY ry / Finnish Toy Dog Association

Suomen Venäjätoyt ry / Finnish Russian Toy Association

SUKOKA ry / Suomen Koirankasvattajat

Our home in Tervalampi