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Borzhomi Bosch iz Marialgrada

Junior European Winner -13, Russian Champion, JCH Russia, JCH Luxemburg, RFOS Champion, RKF Champion, ViceJWW-13 Snou Mirekl Znay Nashih x JCH Russia, RFOS Champion, Russian Champion Sher Britni

Imported from Russia

Russian Toy of The Year 2014 #2

Russian Toy Open Show BOS 2014

Knees: 0/0

Eyes: clear


We have imported this spectacular boy from Russia. "Bosch" has a healthy, strong structure, perfect bite, lovely movements and a wonderful character. He has been shown successfully in Russia before he was imported to Finland.

He is out of Snou Mirekl Znay Nashih (Snou Mirekl Halif Na Chas x Snou Mirekl Burya Emotsiy) and Sher Britni (Sher Elf Leon x Sokrovische Zhanetti Izyuminka).

He is a calm and kind boy at home but he's on fire right away when I start working with him. Thank you so much Valeria Bocharova for trusting this boy with me!

Bosch has been a real showman, and with only a few shows, he became a champion, Winner and the RT of the year 2014 #2. Bosch has been a nice producer too, he has some promising offspring. I like this boy so much - he is giving his best qualities to his puppies, and he is a really nice dog at home. What more could I want?

Top results

Shows 2014
  • Helsinki, Finnish Toydog Specialty / Russian Toy Specialty 31.8.2014, judge Irina Poletaeva, BM-2, CAC
  • Russian Toy Open Show, Lahti 21.9.2014, judge Marja Kurittu, BM-1, BOS, BOS-junior
  • Eckerö INT 27.9.2014, judge Maija Mäkinen, BOS, CAC
  • Helsinki Winner Show, Helsinki 6.12.2014, judge Leni Finne, BM-2, Helsinki Junior Winner 2014
  • Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki 7.12.2014, judge Viktor Pilikin, BOS, CAC, Finnish Junior Winner 2014, Finnish Winner 2014
Shows 2015
  • Lahti INT 21.-22.3.2015, judge Vicki Schneider, BOB
  • European Winner 2015, Lillestrom, Norway 4.-6.9.2015, judge Eugeny Yerusalimsky, EXC, 3rd in open class
  • Jyväskylä INT 21.11.2015, judge Kirsi Nieminen, BOB, CAC, FI CH
  • Helsinki Winner Show, Helsinki 5.12.2015, judge Jussi Liimatainen, BOS, Helsinki Winner 2015
  • Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki 6.12.2015, judge Benny Blid Von Schedvin, BM-4
Shows 2016
  • Lahti INT 30.10.2016, judge Marja Talvitie, BOB
  • Danish Winner Show, Herning 5.11.2016, judge Hans Boelaars, BM-4
  • Helsinki Winner Show, Helsinki 10.12.2016, judge Marina Ostrovskaya, BOB, Helsinki Winner 2016
  • Finnish WInner Show, Helsinki 11.12.2016, judge Harry Tast, BM-2