Echo RT Encore

 Fin & LT & H Ch WW-13 JWW-10 NordJW-09 NordW-09 FinJW-09 FinW-09 HeW-11-12 Dankeros Lav Roflmao x Tsarskaya Pechat Biensi Elita La Roshe



Ronja is my first homebred puppy. She has a nice structure and a wonderful character. I LOVE her happiness, mischievousness, the way she is is always going somewhere, playing and just being a great little puppy.

Unfortunately Ronja got into a very horrible accident when she was four months old, in that accident her jaw was pretty badly broken. She was such a promising puppy but because of this accident she will not be shown. 

Her jaw has now healed and she is living with my friend as a lovely family pet.