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Snou Mirekl Igra Ambishion

JCH Russia, Club Champion Darling Toy Halif Na Chas x JCH Russia, Junior Club Champion, RKF CH Grand Tandem Revolution

Imported from Russia


Specialty Best of Breed 2013 & 2015

BOB in European Winner Show 2015

Russian Toy Open Show Best In Show 2013 & 2015

Russian Toy of The Year 2013

Russian Toy of The Year 2014

Russian Toy of The Year 2015

Russian Toy of The Year 2016



Knees: 0/0


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Top comments:

"A radiant little dog that is presenting perfectly"

Birgitta Svarstad, Kajaani INT 12.1.2014

Igra is a lovely long haired russian toy girl from Russia. For a long time I was mostly interested in the smooth russian toys but at some point I started to like the cute fringed ears of the long haired russians.. I considered the idea for a year or so, spent time searching for interesting lines and I finally found a very promising litter. In the litter's pedigree there were dogs I most admire in this breed. Also a very important thing was that I liked every puppy in that litter (and to my knowledge, they have all developed into quality dogs). So that's how we got Igra.

Igra's grandfather from her mother's side is Sher Oriel Poceluychik - the legend and epitome of this breed, the dog that has won it all. On Igra's father's side there is Sher Elf Leon, who is the father of Sher Oriel Poceluychik and many other successful, beautiful dogs too. The hope was that this alignment will bring the same type to the puppies. In addition there is Djaz Band Benefis and many other interesting dogs in this pedigree.

Igra has a very nice compact structure with lovely proportions, very nice head and a lovely character - calm and sweet at home but full of temperament at shows and in the agility tracks - and she is super intelligent! She is learning tricks fast, she just has some extra sense when it comes to learning all new things - she always knows what we want from her!

Thank you breeder Nadezda Misheneva for this opportunity!

Igra started her show career at the age of nine months in Helsinki INT, and what a start it was - she was BOB and BOB-junior with very nice compliments from the judge. In Budapest she was BOB-junior and right after that, in her second show in Finland (Kuopio INT), she was BOB and BIS4-junior!! She was also Best of Breed in Specialty, and Best In Show in Russian Toy Open Show!!! Wow, what a start for this girl in Finland!! Finally Igra ended the year 2013 by gaining 5 titles in the Winner shows AND she was Russian Toy of The Year 2013!!

She could not have had a better start with shows 2014, in Kajaani INT Igra was BOB & BOB-junior, she competed as a junior for the last time and she was BIS4-junior again!! And she was going strong after that, taking consecutive BOB's and she also took her first group placement in Mäntsälä all-breeds show in July! In specialties she did well, but the real pleasure was when she finished 2014 by being BOB both days in Winner shows! ...AND she became Russian Toy of The Year, again!!

Igra was on vacation in the beginning of 2015, but when she came back to the rings... Oh boy! BOB in Specialty, BOB in European Winner Show, BIS in Open show, BOB in both Winner Shows and shortlisted in group in Finnish Winner!!

...And just like the previous years, 2016 has certainly not been a disappointment with Igra. This year she has taken once again consecutive BOB's, but also many group placements! She was also on the cover of SKKY's (Finnish Toy Dog Association) magazine. Finally Igra took AGAIN both titles in the Winner shows - this means she has been both Helsinki Winner and Finnish Winner for four years in a row! ...And she was AGAIN Russian Toy of The Year. Love this "old" little girl, she just never stops giving her best.


Igra on the move in European Winner Show


BOB in EDS 2015


Igra BIS-junior and BEST IN SHOW in Russian Toy Open Show

under Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki


Igra shortlisted in group at Finnish Winner show under Jussi Liimatainen

Igra on the cover of Finnish Toy Dog Club's magazine (Link)

Top results

  • Helsinki INT 11.-12.5.2013, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, BOB, BOB-junior, CAC
  • Budapest Grand Prix Cacib Show 15.5.2013, judge Erika Homonnai, BOB-junior, jun-CAC
  • Kuopio INT 25.-26.5.2013, judge Kornelija Butrimova, BOB, CAC, BOB-junior, BIS4-junior under Soile Bister!!
  • Karjaa all-breeds show 7.7.2013, judge Irina Poletaeva, BOB, CAC
  • Oulu INT 14.7.2013, judge Gabriela Veiga, BOB, CAC
  • Nastola group show 21.7.2013, judge Eeva Rautala, BOB, CAC
  • Finnish Toydog Association's specialty 25.8.2013, judge Walter Jungblut, BOB, CAC
  • Russian Toy Open Show 14.9.2013, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, BOB-junior, BOB, BEST IN SHOW-junior, BEST IN SHOW
  • Helsinki INT, Helsinki Winner 2013, 13.12.2013, judge Oleg Yanchev, Russia, BOS, CAC, Helsinki Junior Winner, Helsinki Winner
  • Helsinki INT, Nordic Winner 2013, 14.12.2013, judge Valentina Ivanishcheva, Russia, BF-4, Nordic Junior Winner
  • Helsinki INT, Finnish Winner 2013, 15.12.2013, judge Laurent Heinesche, Luxembourg, BOS, CAC, Finnish Junior Winner, Finnish Winner
  • Kajaani INT 11.-12.1.2014, judge Birgitta Svarstad, BOB, BOB-junior, CAC, BIS4- junior under Saija Juutilainen!
  • Lahti INT 26.-27.4.2014, judge Rob Douma, BOB, CAC
  • Helsinki, UMT group show 8.6.2014, judge Adam Ostrowski, BOB, CAC
  • Mäntsälä all-breeds show 19.7.2014, breed judge Marja Salminen, BOB, CAC, BIG4 under Miroslaw Redlicki!
  • Kuopio INT 2.8.2014, judge Dirk Spruyt, BOB, CAC, Finnish Champion!!
  • Kuopio INT 3.8.2014, judge Paolo Dondina, BF-2
  • Kouvola all-breeds show 23.8.2014, judge Pirjo Aaltonen, BOB
  • Heinola all-breeds show 24.8.2014, judge Zlatko Jojkic, BOB, shortlisted in group under Pirjo Aaltonen
  • Tervakoski INT 30.-31.8.2014, judge Tapio Eerola, BOB
  • Helsinki, Finnish Toydog Specialty / Russian Toy Specialty 31.8.2014, judge Irina Poletaeva, BF-2
  • Högbo INT Sweden, 6.-7.9.2014, judge Maria Dekaristou, BOS, CAC, Swedish Champion!
  • Russian Toy Open Show, Lahti 21.9.2014, judge Marja Kurittu, 1st in champion class, BF-2, Best Movement
  • Eckerö INT 27.9.2014, judge Maija Mäkinen, BOB
  • Helsinki Winner Show, Helsinki 6.12.2014, judge Leni Finne, BOB, Helsinki Winner 2014
  • Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki 7.12.2014, judge Viktor Pilikin, BOB, Finnish Winner 2014
  • Helsinki INT 24.-26.7.2015, judge Kari Järvinen, BOB
  • Kotka INT 15.-16.8.2015, judge Ekaterina Senashenko, BB-2
  • Helsinki SKKY Specialty / Russian Toy Specialty 30.8.2015, judge Jouko Leiviskä, BOB
  • European Winner 2015, Lillestrom, Norway 4.-6.9.2015, judge Eugeny Yerusalimsky, BOB, EUW-15, CAC, Norwegian Champion, Nordic Champion!
  • Russian Toy Open Show 20.9.2015, judge Soile Bister, BOB, Best Head, BEST IN SHOW
  • Jyväskylä INT 21.11.2015, judge Kirsi Nieminen, BOS
  • Helsinki Winner Show, Helsinki 5.12.2015, judge Jussi Liimatainen, BOB, Helsinki Winner 2015
  • Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki 6.12.2015, judge Benny Blid Von Schedvin, BOB, Finnish Winner 2015, shortlisted in group under Jussi Liimatainen


  • Mynämäki all-breeds show 14.-15.5.2016, judge Juha Putkonen, BOB, BIG3 under Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki
  • Hamina INT 21.5.2016, judge Boris Spoljaric, BOB
  • Helsinki INT 22.5.2016, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, BOB
  • Joensuu INT 28.5.2016, judge Tomasz Borkowski, BOB
  • Tammela all-breeds show 11.6.2016, judge Hanne Laine Jensen, BOB, shortlisted in group under Kimmo Mustonen
  • Karjaa all-breeds show 3.7.2016, judge Eeva Rautala, BB-2
  • Orivesi all-breeds show 16.7.2016, judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, BOB, BIG4 under Pirjo Aaltonen
  • Pori INT 30.7.2016, judge Tanya Ahlman-Stocmari (breed&group), BOB, shortlisted in group
  • Kuopio INT 5.8.2016, judge Marie Petersen, BOB, shortlisted in group under Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki
  • Oulu INT 13.8.2016, judge Tino Pehar, BOB, BIG4 under Jussi Liimatainen
  • Seinäjoki INT 23.10.2016, judge Leni Finne, BOS
  • Danish Winner Show, Herning 5.11.2016, judge Hans Boelaars, BOS, CAC, Danish Champion, Danish Winner 2016
  • Nordic Winner Show, Herning 6.11.2016, judge Bo Skalin, BOS, Nordic Winner 2016
  • Jyväskylä INT 12.11.2016, judge Celine Bottussi Jocquel, BOS
  • Helsinki Winner Show, Helsinki 10.12.2016, judge Marina Ostrovskaya, BOS, Helsinki Winner 2016
  • Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki 11.12.2016, judge Harry Tast, BOB, Finnish Winner 2016

Agility top results
  • 7.6.2014 Kouvola - 0, 1st place
  • 17.8.2014 Kouvola - 0, 1st place, LUVA
  • 17.8.2014 Kouvola +5, 1st place