Fin Ch FinW-11

Rosalago Sergei Sergejevich

Russian Toy of The Year 2011 #2 and Best male



Edi is half-brother to Elmo. He has a nice character, he is friendly, calm and getting along with everyone. Edi likes living on the lazy side of life, if the weather gets cold or rainy, he prefers to stay at the sofa with his own blanket. But when needed, he enjoys a long forest walk. He has a nice structure but he wasn’t shown as a puppy because of a tail injury he had when he was four months old. His tail is still kind of L-shaped but it’s not so obvious anymore. It also took some time for Edi to gain mass and courage for the shows.

We had always thought that Edi was going to be just a pet and that he would never do well in shows. But we decided to try anyway. Edi was shown for the first time in Turku International Dog show in January 2011, where he did well, so we decided to take him to Lahti INT too - and surprisingly, he was BOB in a tough competition! That's where it all started, he took several BOB's, and all together he had a super year 2011! Edi became the Russian Toy of The Year 2011 #2 and Best Male. I guess we were wrong thinking that he wouldn't do well in shows - let's see what the future has to offer for this boy.

Edi is healthy and he has teeth 6+6.

Today Edi lives with my mother in Ranua.

Top results

Shows 2011:
  • Turku Top Dog Show 22.-23.1.2011, judge Jean Jacques Dupas, France, BM-3, res-CAC
  • Lahti INT 22.-23.4.2011, judge Branislav Rajic, Slovenia, BOB, CAC
  • Hamina INT 21.-22.5.2011, judge Laurent Pichard, Switzerland, BOB, CAC
  • Helsinki INT 23.-24.7.2011, judge Eeva Rautala, BOB, CAC
  • Finnish Russian Toy Association’s Open Show 20.8.-2011, judge Jussi Liimatainen, BM-3
  • Jyväskylä INT 20.11.2011, judge Adam Ostrowski, Poland, BOS, CAC, Fin Ch
  • Helsinki INT Finnish Winner 2011, 4.12.-11, judge Vija Klucniece, Latvia, BOB, FinW-11
Shows 2012:
  • Kajaani INT 14.-15.1.2012, judge Ligita Zake, Latvia, BM-3


Edi BOB in Finnish Winner 2011